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Welcome to D&D Worlds Wiki, a wiki and guide for all our Roleplay worlds and charcters.
This is basically a project to help us maintain a history and guide of what is going on in what world
and also a nice database of character backgrounds and items.

We are now up and running again // Please bookmark the new address \\ Contact Ian or Rich for a User account to get started
If you find an error or want to ask advice about the wiki please do so here

Whats new?

  • Side Menu – Re-Customised - All new layout
  • Main Page – Fully updated and rearranged
  • Mundo Cao The world of Dog - Check it out!
  • CarrelonRich's new world
  • TerasdynameosIan's world is off and running, keep up with details here.
  • Character Sheet – Template Character sheets with minimal info set up. Just fill em in.
  • Forum – A new forum just for us, so we can chat in character.
  • Empires – LOADS more work done here, go and have a look. Then feel guilty and fill in the few character pages that are down to you.
  • Sol – A brand new world, hosted by smiff

Getting Started

  • House Rules – A collection of agreed upon house rules we use when gaming
  • Class list – A list of all the classes in the Wiki
  • Current Events – A list of all the characters that should be in the Wiki
  • Notice Board – A place to leave messages - In or Out of Character.

  • Please Remember – contact Ian if you add new pages so the wiki can be backed up to protect your work.

Characters of Note

Epic Characters

Other Main Characters

Interesting Characters

  • Zarran Glannath – A powerful Noctumancer
  • Jaga – A dwarven warrior
  • Carn – A very special Half Ogre ( the other half is an Elf ! )


  • Empires – Possibly the biggest world right now.
  • Terasdynameos – A newly born world of greek based origin.
  • Mundo Cao – A new world based around the city of Fortestend.
  • Carrelon – A world torn asunder by the endless war between The Bound Lands and the evil Dominion of Thrayor
  • Dracorbis – The end of the world has happened – twice – now we party!.
  • Aeon – where did all the good Kai's go?.
  • The Guild Malefactor – An Evil game based in Forgotten Realms centered around a guild led by Sir Schemuto Maleficus – The Merchant Prince.
  • Other Worlds – For everyone that isnt in a current world.

We are currently maintaining 347 articles and we could use your help.

  • Register – Please contact Ian or Rich and ask to register an account. You are encouraged to participate by adding your character and experiences to this wiki. Maybe ask your DM if they need help keeping their world up to date on here or even add you own (please contact an admin for advice on setting up a new world entry)
  • How to help – A successful wiki relies on the contributions of many, many people. Check out the how to help page to see how you can contribute to the wiki.

Proposals for changes to the main page or site formatting can be added here.